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Domain Hosting
can include e-mail only, website space only, or both of these and DNS records.  Nor do you need to have the one ISP for these services as one can host your domain, another your e-mail, and another your web site.professional_hosting

There is often confusion between domain registration and domain hosting.  Domain registration is a fee, usually paid every two years, to ensure your domain remains yours.  Domain hosting is needed if you want to use the domain for e-mails and websites.  There is often one company used to register the domain another to host it and a third to supply your internet connection (ADSL in most cases).

In the end the company hosting your domain is the most important in regard to how your website operates and how this resource can best help you implement your marketing strategies.  If, for example, your domain host doesn’t provide an environment for content services to operate in then you suffer.  It is increasingly common for PlannerWeb to host our client’s website while another hosts and manages their e-mails.

The range of hosting solutions offered by PlannerWeb is as follows:

1.  Full domain hosting package @ $175.00 pa.  Up to 15 e-mail addresses, 250 Mbts of storage included.  To organise this we need the username and password you received when you originally registered the domain itself.

2.  The website only @ $125.00 pa.  In this case you only need your domain host to change the  www  record to point at IP address

All our hosting accounts have cpanel management that gives you access and control of many aspects of your hosting, adding and subtracting e-mails for example, or you can simply ask PlannerWeb to make a change you want.