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Service Bundles – adding life to your website

  • Turn your website into the cornerstone of your marketing and client support.
  • Turn a static site into a resource that can help you better implement your marketing plans to grow your practice.
  • A bundle of services means we can cut the cost of the website itself, supply more at a cost that’s far less than if you bought such services individually.  Each service is explained in detail below the bundles, most are available individually and they can be added to almost any website.
  • There are also services not included in our bundles such as vaults, videos, a practice development portal, client login areas, SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), and social media strategies. .  Click here for the full collection.

We can also help you further if you’d like to outsource part or all of your marketing function to us.

Bundle costs can be per month or per year, your choice.  For more on the costs of our website marketing solutions click here.

Bundle Pricing

Bundle Components

News Articles

Our financial planning articles keep your website up to date with well written, interesting and engaging content. Integration is entirely automatic so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Priority Support

Clients can ask us questions about anything to do with the internet and our broad experience means we can answer them all – very few can claim to do this. Support ranges from keeping a website up-to-date; an ADSL query, a domain hosting issue; help with virus/spam/ransomware protection; and digital marketing.

We are probably unique in the breadth of questions we can answer. Our response time is often immediate. If you have a WedgeTail bundle then no extra invoices, we charge after 2-3 queries for the lesser bundles.

Not just support but a part of your team.

Website Traffic Reports

Reports based on Google Analytics, if GA is not available otherwise AWStats for sites we host. We will track and analyse your website’s traffic and summarise it into an easy to understand report. This report will outline what’s happening and where improvements can be made to the site or how to better use your your digital resources to improve your marketing.

* Ask us for your website traffic report and we’ll generate one for you.

Content Management System

We use one of two content management systems (CMS) when we build websites. One is known as Iggy, the only CMS ever invented in Australia, and WordPress, more the industry standard.

Iggy is simpler for our clients to use. WordPress has more features and options but this comes at a cost to site security, hence WordPress sites have a maintenance fee. See ‘Webprice Solution Pricing‘ for more details.

Social Media Updates

This service automatically updates social media pages with news articles we add to your website. Plus if you add an article (blog) then that is also uploaded. Any such update links back to your website, the place you’d prefer potential and existing clients to end up because then they’ll see your branding, see what else you offer, be impressed by your professionalism, and can easily contact you for more information.

Implemented by request so contact us today to improve your social media visibility.

Online Marketing Consulting

This is a service that simply provides a repository for ideas, thoughts, notes on what works and what doesn’t, and broader industry but related articles.

The aim is to offer your staff a place to go to read up on many of the issues related to marketing and building a financial planning business.

Accessed via the PlannerWeb website.

Subsidised Services

We always look to give something back to our WedgeTail bundle subscribers. For example, when a website needs to be rebuilt (every 3-4 years) we don’t charge the website industry’s normal prices of between $2,800 and $4,000+. Rather we charge $1,375 which means we effectively give a year’s bundle subscription back every few years. Doing this means we are all winners.

Even subscribers to our smaller bundles get a discount that’s equal to year or more of their subscriptions.

Content Updates

A very popular part of the support we offer is changing all forms of website content such as compliance information and FSGs, text, images, logos, and colourschemes.

Often such changes are too time consuming for our clients so they just send everything to us. We usually complete such updates within 24 hours and for WedgeTail bundle subscribers there is no extra cost.

Landing Page

A landing page is the page you link back to in marketing e-mails. However, it is also a page designed to grab attention, look to stimulate an action, and promote forwarding on to a friend or colleague of the viewer. In all cases the aim is to generate a response more readily than if you put a normal website page in front of someone.

Newer landing pages will have a voice over as well to help the viewer further along the road of responding. 3-4 landing pages (examples could include TTR, SMSF, estate planning and any special offers you wish to make) can be the basis for a year’s campaign to educate clients, generate sales, and to gain access to client networks.

The video is an extra $330 on top of the price for the page to be built.

We have a new service to help implement such campaigns where you outsource part or all of this marketing function. We have the time and expertise to ensure the job gets done.

Landing page examples can be seen here and here.

Financial Tools

Help improve client’s financial literacy.

This is a collection of interactive financial tools that clients can log onto via your website to perform tasks such as a budget, analyse cash flow, analyse their superannuation, and determine insurance needs. This service adds significantly to the interactivity of your website as well as offering your clients extra support and value for their money.

Content Review

The content on many sites is often limited which, in turn, can impact badly on the practice’s performance in search engines such as Google. This service checks your website content to make sure everything is well structured and makes suggestions on areas that can be improved.

Secure File Transfer

A small simple to use system for sending and receiving files to and from your clients. All files are encrypted, clients can only access this service via your website (promotes brand, etc) and e-mail notifications go both ways. Simply add a script to a page on your website.


eWombat is a search engine designed and built by PlannerWeb for planners and accountants. It only searches relevant sites and at the same time compares what is on each so you or your client don’t miss anything. For example, don’t miss something on Centrelink when looking for something on the ATO.

Searched sites include the ATO, SROs, Worksafe, ASX, ABN Lookup, ABR and AUSTLII.

Message Box

Using a ‘message window‘ is all about delivering messages to clients, and potential clients, when they visit your website. Such messages should be updated regularly.

An example of how they are used: You send an HTML e-mail to one or more clients that carries your main message, including hyperlinks back to your website, but include also something extra on one or more other services you offer. When the client ‘lands’ on your site there is one or more extra messages, the message window, they can’t miss.

A ‘message window‘ helps you use every opportunity to generate business. It also helps educate your clients so they are more ready to refer you to their own networks, and the latter can increase the potential of your client database 3-4 times.

Information Ticker

The information ticker is designed to provide extra information to the viewer but, more importantly, it provides movement to a site and we know from experience this movement aids viewer concentration.

Link Check

Overtime the links on a website can become broken. Once a year we will scan your entire website to find any dead links and fix them, or remove them if they’re no longer valid.

Broken links make the practice look out-of-date and unprofessional.

Getty Images

We subscribe to over 10 million images at, a Getty Images company. We use several of these when we build a website but our WedgeTail bundle clients can get 3-4 more per year for adding to their site’s content or to use on ‘landing pages’.

Non-bundle clients can access these extra images at $15 per image.