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How outsourcing your digital marketing delivers results?

As noted in our Blog and our landing page (outsource your digital marketing) the main reason digital marketing resources continue to fail is because practices don’t have the time, expertise or focus to use such resources properly.  Without this in-house management, any expense on external help will either fail or under-perform.

This problem has persisted since digital resources first became available and that’s despite many practices trying ‘everything’ to generate worthwhile results.  On the other hand, the potential is still there, it’s huge and it’s still worth developing.

The only way forward, and to remove this ongoing weakness, is to embed a ‘staff member’ into your team who has the time and expertise.  This is what PlannerWeb’s new outsourcing service is.

We have two options for delivering the expertise and time you need, ask us for more detail.

Case Study 1:  A practice with 15 staff is utilising PlannerWeb’s marketing service.  One of the outcomes has been a 100% increase in website traffic with most of this coming from their client base.  This extra traffic is generating more sales per client, gaining access to clients’ networks, generating referrals, and gaining higher rankings in Google – which is starting to generate leads from there also.  This is a great start.

An extra plus from the significant increase in client communication is improving the experience they are having.  Plus it is helping improve retention rates and client reactivation.

Case Study 2:  We’re helping develop this practice’s referral partner network (financial planner, accountant, lawyer, mortgage broker and insurance broker).  The aim is to supply clients with all financial services throughout their lifetime.  The step after referral partners is to start working on younger target markets to help develop the next generation of clients as well.

Let us take on this role in your practice – an important job is professionally done and the results are very good.